AA-IMMO offers a wide range of services designed by all our employees to ensure the serious management and rigorous conduct of your real estate.

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Whatever the characteristics of the property for rent, the objective is to ensure the owner - private or institutional - the smooth running of a rental contract, long or short term, (departures due to expatriation, furnished rentals of high standing, properties rented in second homes ...).

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A service that guarantees you an efficient and discreet management of your property.

Accommodations, shops or offices, we offer you all the services you need as a landlord, from setting up your tenant to pay for his leave and the relocation of your accommodation.

This service is fully personalized, customizable and transparent.

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Each project is unique.

The mandates you entrust to us are treated confidently.

Whatever your approach, the success of the operation depends on the quality of the relationship that you establish with our consultant.

For the acquisition or sale of a property, we make it a point of honor to clearly identify your requirements and to accompany you throughout this process.

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Transactions of commercial funds (hotels, restaurants, tobacco bars, bakeries, pharmacies...).

We also develop the negotiation of commercial sites, in the heart of our cities, but also in shopping malls and outskirts of cities.

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We buy and look for real estate in order to renovate it, this on a regular basis. We act in collaboration with potential clients, architects in order to resale. In this way, we participate in the maintenance of heritage.

In an environment that has become complex, it is important to surround yourself with competent professionals.

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Life annuity is a very interesting alternative to conventional real estate sales.

Sale futures, life, occupied or not. Behind the term life annuity, there are actually subtleties that allow you to find the right solution for your situation.

It is aimed specifically at retirees over the age of 60. This allows them to increase their purchasing power.

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This type of sale is dedicated exclusively to exceptional goods and specific investment opportunities.

This aspect is highly appreciated in the luxury real estate sector.

The transaction is done in all discretion.

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Real estate estimation is quite an art and it is the secret of a quick, serene and translucent real estate transaction.

This mission requires a careful and attentive approach. 

The estimate of a property takes into account supply and demand, location,  environment (trades, transport), its characteristics (state, area,  orientation  ...).

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AA-IMMO fully performs this vital function for the life of the building and its occupants, co-owners or tenants.

We remain at your disposal to develop together a personalized management formula that respects your interests, so that you can enjoy your property in complete serenity.

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We are more than a real estate agency, we offer a customized service, providing technical and administrative real estate services. A service that guarantees the quick and decisive execution of all aspects relating to a property.

Each client is treated in a unique way. Each file is treated confidentially and discreetly.

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Any profitable investment is the result of a coherent and effective strategy.

We offer investors a wide range of real estate, residential properties (houses, apartments, buildings, report houses, etc.) but also corporate real estate assets such as offices, shops and warehouses.

Since a long time, investing in stone or precious metals is a safe bet.

You want to know our services, which are intended to meet your needs, please contact us


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